Elegant Storage Solutions for Your Living Space
  • Kim
  • May 9th, 2018
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Marie Kondo once said that “the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” Such a thought would make any homeowner rethink of what really matters in life when it comes to living in a home where everything around is a reflection of one’s personality and priorities.

Sometimes, however, we cannot help but buy the things we want and make us feel good and rewarded. There is nothing wrong with this, mind you. But there is a way to have the things you want to have and have them appear seamless, just like how minimalists like to live. Sometimes we need not flaunt. We do need to be discreet. Right? So, with these elegant ways of keeping things through smart storage solutions, you’ll have the best of life and still enjoy a decluttered home.

Going with hidden storage is always a brilliant idea. A modern-day studio apartment will quickly look cluttered. Visible storage like boxes, jars, and baskets can turn a space into a mess without even noticing. The best way to go is hidden storage. This means you are hiding life’s needs behind doors or strategic cover-ups for a clean minimalist feel. To achieve this, you can have custom-made drawers for practically anything and everywhere in the house. Even a staircase could be turned into pull-out drawers. Another creative way to have things hidden is to build a trap door in the stairs or somewhere on the floor. Who would know, right?

Multifunctional Furniture is definitely what you need when it comes to storage. A number of really smart multifunctional furniture can be considered essentials when storage is the issue. One of which is the ottoman. The ottoman has so many uses: extra seating, a footrest, a coffee table and of course with its lid, you can store numerous items inside of it. Another idea would be to invest in a really good couch table. This can turn into a makeshift dining table when entertaining guests. It can also be used as a desk or an entryway table. Stacking, self-storing furniture is also a good idea. Finally, you can have a bench in the house which could be used either as room seating, a coffee table or a media cabinet

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