Tips For Choosing The Right Artwork To Decorate Your Apartment
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  • October 9th, 2019
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Artworks can bring any room to life! They speak volumes about the homeowner’s character. And no matter how big or small they are, they help tie certain design elements of the room together for one nice finish. Artworks are also versatile design pieces that can transform any room’s overall feel once matched with different colors, textures, and furniture should you so wish to redecorate. Simply put, artworks are great investments that can elevate the look and feel of an apartment or house that you move into.

Choosing the right artwork, however, can seem daunting. There are a lot of beautiful pieces out there and settling down for a few choice pieces might be a struggle. Plus, there are so many other factors to consider such as the look you want to achieve and the space you want to decorate. So, here are some tips to make choosing the right artwork for your apartment a lot easier.


Choosing Artwork Room by Room


TThe living room is one of the hardest places to decorate because of all the pressure surrounding it given that it’s where you accommodate your guests. However, don’t let that pressure frighten you. Choose a piece that sets the vibe of the room and go bold enough for something that provokes conversation. Don’t also limit yourself to a 2D centerpiece. There are plenty of eye-catching art forms out there perfect for your living room.

living room


Most of the time, a lot of people only often think about the kitchen as a place of household work. But, it is the heart of the home and it deserves as much love as all the other rooms in the house. One of two pieces of artwork here wouldn’t exactly hurt either. There are plenty of spaces here where you can decorate with smaller pieces of artwork. You can even go for the lighter mood setters and little mementos that remind you of happy times while you sip your morning coffee.


Like the kitchen, many often neglect the bathroom in terms of art decor. But, like your bedroom, it is also your sanctuary of privacy. For this room, you can choose among artworks that emit serenity and calm, abstract artworks, or even funny comical art pieces that give you and your guests a laugh. Simply choose what goes with the vibe of the room and your personality.


Kitchens and bathrooms require high or semi-gloss paint. This is so you can clean it up fairly quickly. If you want to have a more toned-down effect, eggshells can do the trick.

Overall Tips for Choosing the Right Artwork



Color matters a great deal to a lot of people when choosing what artwork to decorate their apartment with. However, don’t let that be the limiting factor from you getting great and amazing pieces. It’s not the only formula that works. For example, you can get a vibrant, colorful piece that will pop in your minimalist apartment. Or, you can get a black and white piece for your Parisian style apartment. What’s important is that the piece compliments the overall look of your space. Don’t be afraid to go bold or to experiment. Take up a piece that reflects you and showcases your personality and don’t worry too much about the colors.

Old and New

Old and new pieces can create an interesting and exciting contrast to any room. So, don’t be afraid of mixing them together, experimenting, and seeing what works with which. Go ahead and play around with the different colors, textures, vibes, and themes your pieces create. Some might look awkward at first glance but, there will be a mix of pieces that will wonderfully complement each other. This way, you can mix and match some of your old artworks with your new ones. And the best part is you’ll be able to come up with something utterly original for your place.

livng room


Size and scale are something you should always consider when choosing artwork for your apartment to maximize their visual impact. Artwork in the right size put in the right space automatically creates an eyecatching focal point whilst the opposite might make it look awkward. So, when choosing your artwork decor, gauge the size of the space you’re decorating and put down options of what kinds and sizes of artworks you can put in there. For example, when decorating the wall over the sofa, you can choose between setting up a huge art piece or a gallery wall of mixed small pieces.

Look Everywhere

Artworks are everywhere. And you might not know whether you’ll find your favorite piece in an antique shop by the corner street or online on Etsy. So, keep your options open and look everywhere. Make sure you’ve seen a lot of options before settling and investing. Also, don’t buy artwork just because everybody likes it or just because it’s famous. But artwork that you actually love whether it’s cheap, expensive, original, or mass-produced. After all, it’s still you who puts a spin to the artwork’s tale that makes it all yours once you hang it up in your home.

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