Tips and Tricks To Organize Your Kitchen Counter And Keep It That Way
  • Kim
  • December 5th, 2019
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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. So, it’s understandable for clutter to gather there. There’s cooking to be done, there are mail and dishes that pile up on the counters, and then, there are other things that are left out in the open that makes the room a little chaotic at times. Fortunately, there are tons of organizing hacks that can keep your kitchen counter clean and give you a tidy space to meal prep, cook, and eat. But, why stop at simply keeping it clean? By giving more effort and setting up a system, you can prevent that clutter from ever coming back to haunt your kitchen counters. So, here are some tips to help you get started with organizing your kitchen counter and keeping it that way.

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Create a Quick Clean-Up Plan

Sometimes, dinner comes around and the bills or the kids’ homework is still on the kitchen counter. To quickly get rid of this, have a little basket on the ready where you can temporarily put them into. Make sure that the basket is deep enough to hold things like pens, books, and papers to avoid them from spilling out all the same. This way, the next time you’ll need the kitchen counter cleared immediately to make way for your hunger or some guests, you can clear the mess in under a minute.


Declutter Utensils and Appliances

Appliances are a huge part of what takes up space on your kitchen counters. And most of the time, you don’t even notice them start piling up on each other. So, carefully assess your collection of appliances and utensils. Then, keep or store those that you aren’t really using on a daily basis. Don’t hang on to them if not necessary. If you want more kitchen counter space, you can also opt for open storages like a rolling cart where you can keep appliances and utensils at an arm’s reach.


Have a Junk Bowl

Most of the time, random little knick-knacks such as wrappers and snips of paper find their way into your kitchen counters. To avoid having a mess from these, set up a little junk bowl or a little junk bowl where you can easily drop off these little things. This would also work for the mail, bills, and other papers that usually head straight to your kitchen counter.


Keep Things Together in Trays and Turntables

Much like those papers, small things like condiment jars, utensil holders, product bottles, and such can take up unnecessary space on your kitchen counters and make it look a lot messier than it is. To get rid of this problem, store them together in trays or turntables that goes with your kitchen aesthetic. Gathering them in one place like that makes your kitchen a lot neater and your things easier to access and find.

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Use Your Wall Space

If you’re lacking storage space in your cabinets and drawers, look to your walls for additional storage space. Set up a wall-mounted hook rack and hang up your extra kitchen utensils there. This can work for pans, oven mitts, dish towels, and even knives. Aside from being an additional storage space, it has the dual function of providing chic decoration to your kitchen walls.

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