Which Type of Minimalist Are You as a Homeowner?
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  • January 15th, 2019
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When it comes to apartment living, modern culture keeps using the word “minimalism.” Everyone has a pretty good idea about what this is, right? Terms like “Marie-Kodo-ing,” “decluttering,” and others more have been coined based on how they understand and apply the concept. For whatever “minimalism” means to everyone, the point is, people today want to live with less because less is more. So, if you are still trying to figure out what being a minimalist means, read on. According to Apartment Therapy, there are six kinds of minimalists.

The Aesthetic Minimalists
These guys don’t really own less but what they make sure of is that they have less on display. They made white their go-to color and majority of what you’d see in their home would be a bare countertop, bare walls and floors, and even a colorless interior. They love the continuous line drawing prints and will surely prefer mismatched hangers with elegant modernist ones.

The Essential Minimalists An essential minimalist always thinks of how much they can live without. They use less, have less and keep paring down what they have to always make sure they only have the basics. They will easily toss their old things to get things that are more worthwhile and better. They make sure to buy things they can afford so if they do buy something, it will surely last for a long tie. It is easy for essential minimalists to throw out a lot of pieces from their closet and leave twelve curated seasonal wardrobe classics. Also, they can easily replace turn-pagers to audiobooks or e-magazines.

The Experiential Minimalists “Pursuing experiences is more universally important than the pursuit of things.” This is the motto of experiential minimalists. Even if they do own few things, what is really going on is they chose the specific lifestyle of being able to fit their whole lives into a bag, always on the go, ready for anything and everything. They are more adventurous like backpackers and freelance digital nomads. They throw all their hangers because everything they ever need is in one suitcase. You’ll also find them learning something new, a new hobby or skill.

The Sustainable Minimalists Otherwise known as “eco-minimalists,” this type of minimalist focuses their efforts and lifestyle choices on green living. In their homes, you will surely find more clothes, more tools, more land, living a homestead life. They will do their absolute best to live off what grows from their land. Their hangers are handmade from materials in their property and will keep making things from scratch whether food, furniture, art, decorations… you get the point.

The Thrifty Minimalists The thrifty nifty bunch has a more minimalist mindset as to financial things. They shop at thrift stores rather than buying brand new furniture and will always be on the lookout for the best price. They will surely want to spend less rather than using less. In fact, they won’t replace anything they own that easily. They will keep things until they are worn out or deemed useless. Why? Because they will always think of how hard they worked to earn a living. If they do their laundry, they will be the type of people to ask for extra hangers from the dry cleaners. You will also be fascinated by the all-in-one tool they have that does the job for any repair.

The Mindful Minimalists Mindful minimalists prefer spiritual enlightenment and that sense of joy by getting rid of anything extra. They do everything in moderation because their priority is peace of mind. They easily bid farewell of possessions that remind them of painful memories or guilty feelings. Anything that is linked to a negative emotion, they toss it out. As they strip things away, they find more meaning to their daily lives and get to appreciate their intellect, their home and community even more. You will find mindful minimalists staring at their closet, thinking of which of the hangers “sparks joy.” They will also be found reading motivational books and emotional decluttering.

Now that you have gotten introduced to the six minimalists, the question now is, which one are you?

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