Getting that Warm And Cozy Feel In Your Apartment
  • Kim
  • June 5th, 2020
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“A house is not a home.” A famous quote everyone knows to be true. It’s not about the structure, the wall, or the decorations, it’s the people living in it that actually make it a home. But if the house isn’t inviting or warm and cozy enough even for comfort, then whoever’s staying in it wouldn’t even want to stay in it. And maybe, they might not even want to call their house a home.

So how do you get that warm and cozy feel in your apartment enough to make it more inviting for you and your guests? How do you make it feel like a real home even if you are the only one who stays in it?

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Tips on how to get a warm and cozy feel in your apartment

Go for Warm lights

The warm and cozy feel calls for good lighting—and in this case, warm lights. Do away with harsh, single overhead lighting (which is the total opposite of what we’re going for) and instead go for a table and floor lamp or even some candles. The idea is to illuminate focal areas in your home and create these clusters with warm lights instead of just one strong white light covering the whole area.

You could, for example, have lamps in some corners of your living room, in the hallway, beside a mini library or any spot where you know would be a comfy place where you or your guests would have conversations.

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If buying these lamps do not fit your budget, you could always go for changing the bulbs you already have. The key here is knowing the temperature of the bulbs that give you that warm effect. Just remember, the higher the Kelvin, the colder the light. So, choose bulbs around 3000k (warm) vs those around 6000k (cold). That way, you get the warm cozy effect without having to spend so much.

Go for Rugs, soft textiles, texture, drapes, and layers

The whole idea of getting that warm and cozy feel is to make everything feel comfortable and seem softer in the eyes. The way to do that is to “remove” straight, harsh lines by using a mix and match of shapes, texture, soft textiles, rugs, and layers in your furniture and decor.


Take your living room for example. While it’s great to have hardwood and laminated flooring, it’s plain to look at and could make your feet cold most especially during the cool season. What you need is a layer between you and the floor that would not only warm you up but would also put a cozier feel to the space. A rug can do the trick. But not just any rug, you could go for a round wool rug that would add texture and take your eyes away from the hard straight lines of your couch and coffee table. You could also put in throw pillows with warm colors to go with the whole look. For curtains, use luxurious drapes instead of light sheers and blinds. That way, you create layers that would ultimately turn any dull room into a more inviting, relaxing, and comfortable space. Cozy and warm!

Go for Plants and Fresh Flowers

By definition, cozy means a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. Now that you have warm lights, the right colors, textures, textiles, and layers, to give warmth and comfort, you can finish the look with an element that gives instant relaxation–plants and fresh flowers.

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Any house will feel and look comfortable if there are living elements around. This creates a notion that the space is well maintained and is ultimately a healthy environment for living and relaxing. There are so many plants to choose from and it really depends on what you want and how good you are at maintaining them.

But make sure that when you get the pots and planters for the plants, get those in warm tones like terracotta or brass. You can also get natural woven materials or baskets in seagrass.

Getting that warm and cozy feel in your apartment now doesn’t sound like a very difficult job. It’s just a matter of choosing the right lights, adding a bit of texture and layer, and putting in some living elements. Doing these could indeed make you and your guests feel at home all the time. The words, “I love your house, it’s so cozy” will always be something you would hear. You might even want to spend most of your time at home than somewhere else. Turn your apartment into a cozy and warm space and really transform that house into a home.

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