Wellness Amenities in Apartment Living is a Thing Now More Than Ever
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  • November 12th, 2018
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If health is the top priority of many urbanites today, well then, wellness is a thing right now when it comes to residential real estate. The idea of having a wellness community with a diverse mixed-income, multicultural and multigenerational residents is something that designers are taking seriously. So, when it comes to designing apartment communities, developers really do see a healthy future for wellness amenities, as explained in an article in the Los Angeles Times. It is to be assumed that building for wellness will become the norm.

Basically, when you talk about wellness amenities, multifamily residential buildings will surely have facilities that encourage physical activity, connecting with the community, and of course getting in touch with nature within and beyond the property. In a report from the Global Wellness Institute, such wellness communities are expected to use architecture, landscaping, sustainability and others to encourage social interaction and active lifestyles.

With this guiding principle, tenants will expect to have things like a community garden, and scheduled concerts that will be held in the compound’s own outdoor amphitheater. High-end gyms, dedicated rooms for yoga and kickboxing, dog washing, bicycle repair, and spa resorts will surely be available, too, all in the name of bringing tenants what they want – “a healthy environment and a shared sense of community,” says Dean Zander, a CBRE executive vice president specializing in apartments.

Here are some current design ideas from design firms that capitalize on wellness amenities:
After the renovation of West Hollywood’s Hayworth House by KFA, the housing complex specifically for seniors now has a community garden and a front porch that is protected where residents can connect to the neighborhood and the outdoors.

At the Mosaic, the KFA multigenerational community in LA can actually watch their children play in the playground from the adjacent laundry assuring safety and multitasking. Some 398 luxury

Uptown Locators

One other important feature about wellness amenities is being particular with building materials, cleaning products, the quality of air and water, and the access to natural daylight and fitness facilities. More specifically, apartments will be assured of energy-efficient lighting and appliances, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and air and water filters that have no harmful effects at all.

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