What is the Average Size of a Luxury Apartment in Dallas?
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  • June 8th, 2021
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Luxury apartments are high-end apartments that include everything and anything you’d ever need and want. Amenities are available to your liking. Aside from being situated in large and spacious premium locations, luxury apartment living offers top-of-the-line furniture and housewares, technologically advanced appliances, breathtaking views, a concierge on-site 24/7, top-notch security, privacy, and other amenities that fit your lifestyle. In Dallas, you’ll definitely find the right neighborhood to enjoy all the perks luxury apartments have to offer.

Dallas: a Haven for Luxury Apartment Living

Apartments that marketed themselves as “luxury” are concentrated in the Dallas area. This is because Dallas complexes are found within live-work-play developments. These types of walkable neighborhoods or mixed-use developments are popular for corporate employees, government employees, young adults, families, and even the elderly who want a stress-free life.

Luxury apartment living is also attractive to those who want to have everything they need within walking distance. In other words, people want walkability. From their place of work, their home, favorite restaurant, neighborhood coffee shop, or places to hang out and buy groceries, people want to be able to walk to and from those places easily.


Average Size of a Luxury Apartment in Dallas

When it comes to size, a luxury apartment usually spreads over 352 to 6, 849 square feet, but the average space of a unit is 200 square feet. The average floor-to-ceiling height is ideally 12 feet and above. Anything lesser than that loses its luxury tag. The Dallas metro area, on average, offers one- to three-bedroom units. Some complexes offer studios and four-bedroom units. Within Dallas city limits, complexes offer fewer bedrooms and slightly larger spaces at a higher price.

But deciding on the perfect size of your luxury apartment depends on your lifestyle and preferences. There are different types that appeal to certain lifestyles. Penthouse apartments located on the topmost floor of a building offer astounding views of the landscape and skyline. These can either be multi-level or spread largely across just one level.

Studio apartments are smaller apartments that have the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom integrated into one space. In contrast, duplex apartments are individual apartment units that span two stories with a private staircase. These luxury apartments make you feel like living in a two-story independent house.

High-rise apartments are a common option for those located in the heart of the metro. These apartments are tall towers providing spacious living with either 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK units. Low-rise apartments, on the other hand, are smaller buildings with only three or four stories compared to high-rise flats.

Average Monthly Rent for a Luxury Apartment in Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest hubs for industrial markets, banking, and business A-listers. This is why a lot of people can afford luxury apartment living. Depending on the type of luxury apartment, rent, of course, will vary. The average rent on luxury apartments in the Dallas metro is $1,210 to $3,000 per month.

For a 1-bedroom luxury apartment in Dallas, the monthly rent will cost anywhere around $1,105-$2,315. For a 2-bedroom luxury apartment, rent is $1,1565 to $8,160, while for a 3-bedroom luxury apartment, it’ll cost $2,405 to $7,294 monthly.  The highest rent exceeds $10,000 which’s typical for penthouse units.

Amenities of Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments in the Big D are located in the upscale neighborhoods of the city and attract a defined clientele which is why builders of these multi-purpose complexes offer niche neighborhoods. Even if it may cost a pretty penny to live in one, you’ll be assured you’re well taken care of.

Apartments like these have higher levels of privacy and security. They’re usually within a gated community that is guarded 24 hours a day. Many high-end apartments have intercoms, fire chutes, the best security installations, solar generators, home automation, emergency buzzers, medical and accident emergency relief rooms, natural disaster bunkers, and safe rooms in case of attacks. And of course, luxury apartments use stellar construction materials and fittings.

As to the interior, luxury apartments offer expansive kitchens, balconies, a party space, and maid quarters. Residents have the best amenities for comfort and security. From private pools on the rooftop, Juliet balconies, helipads, to canopied walkways, luxury spaces offer lifestyle amenities fit for royalty.

Other amenities available are game rooms, tennis courts, dog parks, a private health and fitness center, a pet service, a large pool with a comfortable jacuzzi, bike paths, and private rooftops with outdoor seating and a barbecue area.

Living the high life in Dallas is easy and accessible. However, you’d need to ask yourself these essential questions before you switch to living in a luxury apartment:

  • What amenities would I like to include in the apartment?
  • Will I be paying for any service that I won’t use?
  • Will I be using all the available amenities?


Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll justify the cost of living in your luxury apartment in Dallas. You’ll then be more confident in your decision and be able to freely say, “Luxury should definitely be lived in.”

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